Daily Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 12:02pm

Please carefully review our regular arrival and dismissal procedures.

Arrival/Dismissal MAP - Please view at this link.

Arrival & Dismissal Times

  • 8:35 AM - Staff Supervision Begins – Students MAY NOT arrive prior to this tim
  • 8:45 AM - Students Enter Building
  • 8:55 AM - Morning Announcements Begin
  • 9:00 AM - Students marked late after this time – Parent must sign child in
  • 3:20 PM - Afternoon Announcements
  • 3:30 PM -  All Bus Riders & Students in 3rd-5th are dismissed with staff
  • 3:33 PM - Remainder of students dismissed - Students in PK-2nd grade

Morning Procedures

  • Students may not arrive on school property prior to 8:35 AM. 
  • Students who walk to school may wait under the entrance canopy by grade level beginning at 8:35 AM. 
    • Grades PK, K, 1, and 4 are under the main entrance. 
    • Grades 2, 3, 5 will be in the courtyard canopy.  
  • Families who choose to bring their child(ren) to school by car will follow the route indicated with red arrows. The carloop will not open for drop off until 8:35 AM.
  • Five cars will stop at the front of the building.  All five cars’ students will exit.  Families will be directed to move forward when all have exited their cars.  Repeat. 
  • Child(ren) will exit from the right side of the car.  Staff are there to ensure safety.  Children will need to unbuckle and open their own doors.  If a parent must assist, please quickly put the car in park and do so.

School begins at 9:00 AM, but arriving by 8:45, when school doors open, allows the children a chance to eat breakfast, settle-in for the day and reconnect with others. Students are considered tardy/late if they arrive at school after 9:00 AM.

Afternoon Procedures

  • Dismissal starts at 3:30 PM - it is essential to pick your child up on time!
    • Bus Riders - Will be escorted out by staff and walked to their assigned bus
    • Walkers - Students waiting for siblings should move over to the grass area just beyond the canopy on the right. Children who walk home unaccompanied are free to go as soon as their class is dismissed. Walkers must stay on sidewalks and follow directions of crossing guards.
    • Car Riders- Children who are picked up by an adult/older sibling (either walking or driving) will wait under the camply in grade level lines.  Students are monitored by staff until parent/guardian arrives.  It is essential to pick your child up on time.

Safety Reminders

We strive to make arrival and dismissal as efficient as possible. Please review the procedures below to help ensure the safety of our students, staff, & families. Parents and students, please remember:

  • If a parent/guardian walks child(ren) to school, please stop at the indicated spaces on the map shown below (gray boxes labeled drop off/pick up).
  • The green rectangle around the canopy is for students and staff only. 
  • Communicate with your child(ren) and teachers what your regular arrival/dismissal procedure will be.

Parent/Guardian Reminders

Most students live within easy walking distance of the school, SFES does not have space for parking. At dismissal, car loop traffic can get backed up quickly.  We recommend that you walk with your student to and from home, or park in the adjacent Stevens Forest Community Center parking lot and walk over to the school entrance to pick up your student if you chose to pick up your child.

During past school years, we have noticed some families parking on the west side of Stevens Forest Road directly across from the school. These families are then crossing the road at that location, not at one of the crosswalks in either direction.  That action is dangerous!  Please use the designated crosswalks or tunnel at Kilimanjaro Road or the crosswalk across from the pool to cross Stevens Forest Road. 

Cars will be provided Car Loop tags to ensure student safety and efficiency, please have this posted in a visible location at dismissal each day. All car riders are to use the car loop that moves through the staff parking lot.  Forming two lines when you first enter the parking lot and then merge into one line when you turn the corner near the dumpsters.

Please view at this link. Keep the following in mind while using the car loop during arrival and dismissal:

  • Do not pass other cars.
  • Be courteous of other drives.
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians at all times.
  • Follow the signals to stop and go from the staff at the crosswalks and along the sidewalk.
  • Students should only exit the car at the sidewalk where staff will be waiting; please do not allow your children to exit the car in the parking lot and walk over to the sidewalk.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.