Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

The staff of Stevens Forest Elementary School is focused on working with students and their families to promote positive behavior in all school settings. We have three school rules which are reinforced daily.
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready

When the school rules are followed, students have an opportunity to be recognized for their efforts by receiving Bobcat Tickets in order to receive incentives. When school rules are not followed, specific consequences result
based on the behavior. We believe that compliance with these rules allows all students to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. The three rules we promote at school can also be applied to situations outside of the school building.
The following are a few examples:
Be Respectful
Classroom: Use positive language when responding to others.
Lunch/Recess: Use kind words and include others in play or conversation.
Home: Follow directions the first time without argument.
Community: Be a kind and helpful neighbor.
Be Responsible
Classroom: Do your schoolwork and turn it in.
Lunch/Recess: Clear your table in the cafeteria and return all playground equipment.
Home: Help with housework.
Community: Keep the neighborhood clean.
Be Ready
Classroom: Have school supplies ready at the start of each class.
Lunch/Recess: Be prepared to listen to a change in directions.
Home: Get your backpack ready for school the night before.
Community: Know safety rules.
Each day, your child will be completing a calendar in their agenda book/daily folder. This calendar, or Respect Record, will tell you how they behaved throughout their day.
The Respect Record will have the dates and the classes that your child will be taking daily. If your
child received a “timeout” during the school day, you will see a checkmark for the class/day next to the initials “T.O.” If they had no “timeouts” for the day, there will be no checkmarks.
Please be sure to look at your child’s daily Respect Record and reflect with them about the choices they made during school.
Your support in helping your child be the best they can be is so very important.
Remember, our goal this year is to be “Best on Blue!”

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

1-2-3 Magic is a program used to correct undesired behavior. It gives students the chance to regain their selfcontrol through the use of counts and timeouts. Teachers use simple steps to control undesirable behaviors, encourage positive behaviors, and maintain healthy relationships with their students.

*1st Count: The student is redirected and the desired behavior is re-taught. The student is given at least 1-minute to comply.
*2nd Count: If the desired behavior has not improved after 1-minute, the teacher models for the student what the desired behavior looks like/sounds like and gives the student at least 1-minute to comply.
*3rd Count: If the student continues to not comply after another 1-minute period, the teacher will give the student a timeout in the classroom for 5 minutes.
*Timeout: The teacher will set a timer and at the end of 5-minutes, they rejoin the classroom. The respect record will indicate if your child had a timeout during their class.
*Office Referral: Three timeouts in one day equal an office referral. Students could also earn an automatic office referral if they engage in behaviors including, but not limited to, physical aggression towards staff or students, use of inappropriate language, destruction of property, making threats to staff or students, weapons, bullying, theft, leaving school property, and/or discrimination.

Bobcat Tickets
Students are given a Bobcat Ticket when they are caught being respectful, responsible, and ready.
Students can save tickets to trade for various incentives and rewards.
Tickets can be traded for coupons for high priced activities
(ex. Bobcat beanie baby).

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