Changes to Your Child’s Report Card in 2019-2020 School Year

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 9:29am

Beginning this quarter, you will notice a minor modification to your child’s report card.

The PreK-5 Learning Behaviors section of the report card has been modified to align with changes recently made to HCPSS Policy 8010: Grading and Reporting

The new behaviors complement the curriculum content taught in the elementary grades and are a natural part of learning about oneself while interacting with others.

Learning behaviors now included on the 2019-2020 report card help support parents and teachers in identifying areas of focus. The learning behaviors are:

Demonstrates interpersonal skills

Demonstrates responsibility

Demonstrates perseverance

Demonstrates collaboration

Demonstrates initiative

On the  HCPSS Website, you will find a list of the specific behaviors, actions and expectations that align with each learning behavior.

Beginning this quarter, SFES teachers will provide individualized comments that highlight your child’s areas of strength and needed growth in regards to the curriculum taught during the quarter. In addition to content/academic specific comments, as needed, teachers will report student performance on learning behaviors based on developmental and age-appropriate expectations.