Quarter 4 Recovery Opportunity

Thu, 06/25/2020 - 4:08pm

Thank you for your support during distance learning! If your student received an “incomplete" (I or ICL) in any area of their Q4 report card, HCPSS will be mailing a packet to you at your home address that is on file in your Family Portal. This packet will have assignments your student can complete at home to earn a "pass" in those incomplete areas. Academic Intervention teachers will be available to assist your student with any questions in the packet for a short time every weekday from July 6-July 30 2020. In order to receive this optional support, you must contact Mrs. Carter at kathleen_carter@hcpss.org to be enrolled into Quarter 4 Recovery Academic Intervention by Wednesday July 1st. There is no cost to enroll. Please also contact Ms. Carter with any additional questions regarding this opportunity for support on the learning packets.