Conference Scheduling Window Open

Thu, 01/26/2023 - 3:11pm

It will soon be time to schedule your Parent/Teacher Conference with your child's math teacher. The window to schedule your parent/teacher conference will be open Friday, January 27th. The window will close on Friday, February 3rd at 4pm. Families wishing to conference with any of our related arts teachers can email the teacher(s) directly. Please click here to access our staff roster with email contacts.     

Important Notes:

  • Conferences scheduled on Thursday, February 9th between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm will be in-person conferences only.
  • Conferences scheduled on Thursday, February 9th after 4:00 pm, or Friday, February 10th will be virtual only, using a Google Meet link received as a confirmation email from
  • All students will be dismissed three hours early on Thursday, February 9th and Friday, February 10th to allow for parent/teacher conferences. 

Please understand that teachers create their schedules within a framework and have some flexibility in building their conference schedules. Not all teacher conference schedules will look alike.  Consider your preferred type of conference and schedule accordingly to attend a virtual or in-person conference based on the designated schedule above.

Scheduling Information:

Beginning Friday, January 27, and continuing through Friday, February 3, families with updated Family Files can log on to HCPSS Connect  to view and select from the time slots provided by the teacher for the conference.  Step-by-step directions are below.  If you do not have access to HCPSS Connect, please call the school for assistance at 410-313-6900.

Directions to Select a Conference Time:

  • Login to
  • Select Conference from the left-side choices
  • Select Parent Scheduled Conferences at the top right
  • Select a time slot for your conference
    • *Note in-person and virtual options