Parent Question & Answer Session

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 1:48pm

SFES is hosting a parent Q & A session on Thursday, May 21, starting at 3:30 PM. The purpose of this meeting is to help explain the distance learning schedule and activities and to answer any related questions. In the past week, questions on the following topics have been raised by families:

  • What is the new schedule for Virtual Check Ins? Why did it change?
  • What is supposed to be happening during Virtual Check Ins?
  • What if my child can't attend the Virtual Check Ins?
  • How do we find the Virtual Check In?
  • What is a Virtual Intervention? How does my child find this meeting?
  • What is Read and Write and is it important to my child?
  • What are the expectations for Social Studies, Science, Health, Media, Music, Art, PE and Technology?
  • How can we get it all done? Do we have to get it all done? What are the priorities?
  • What is the 'Task Completion' button? Is it important?
  • LexiaCore and DreamBox:how many minutes?
  • And....any other question that is on your mind.

Please join us as we work together to address your questions. Distance learning is new to all of us and we are all here to support one another. As a school and as a community, our understanding of one another's challenges will move us along with greater success.

The code for this Google Meet is: SFES-bwsmith-may21  Please enter using your child's username and password.  Google Meet is best accessed through the Chrome web browser.