School Services

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Free and Reduced Meals (FARMs)

HCPSS participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. Students from households that meet federal income guidelines are eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals. Parents/guardians must submit a new application every school year to maintain their student's eligibility. To apply, go to the HCPSS FARMs webpage.


HCPSS students and families can view menus and nutrition and allergen information for meals served in all HCPSS schools through the Nutrislice website and free smartphone app. Download the Nutrislice mobile app for iOS or Android.

Wellness and Quality

Information on the HCPSS wellness policy and commitment to quality is available online.


Breakfast is free for all students attending Title I schools.

Lunch is free for students who qualify for free and reduced meals. Lunch costs $2.80 for all other students.


HCPSS uses, an online meal payment system. This system allows families to easily manage student accounts and make payments online on personal computers and mobile devices.

Health Room

Information about the Telehealth Program:

School-Based Wellness and Telemedicine Clinics in Howard County Schools

Howard County Health Department
School-Based Wellness Center
Bringing your child quality health care in school”
A partnership between the Howard County Health
Department and the Howard County Public School System

What is a school-based health or wellness center?

A School-based Wellness Center is similar to a doctor’s office, but located inside a school or on a school campus. This site is able to provide acute health care services to children through the use of telemedicine technology during the school day. All services require written consent from parents and/or guardians.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine provides a two-way connection between student and nurse at school and a doctor at another location.  The connection is made using a video link.  Special equipment is used to allow the doctor to examine the student’s ears, throat, skin, eyes and listen to lungs.

Health Services provided include treatment for illnesses such as:

Sore throat
ear infections
colds and upper respiratory symptoms

Please see the attached links for more information and to print out consent forms:


Informational Parent Enrollment Packet


Informational Parent Enrollment Packet


Informational Parent Enrollment Packet

Accident and Medical Insurance

Accident Insurance

The school system does not carry medical insurance for accidents that occur at school, including non-sport related injuries, such as trips and falls, physical education injuries, and recess/playground injuries. Thus, parents are encouraged to enroll students in the accident insurance program offered through HCPSS.

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Medical Insurance

The Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program (MCHIP) is available for families, pregnant women, and children in need of medical insurance. Applications are available through the school health assistant or by contacting the Howard County Health Department at 410-313-7500.

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