October 31, 2018 - Halloween

Fri, 10/12/2018 - 12:52pm

SFES will host our annual costume parade, followed by class activities/parties, on Wednesday, October 31st.
Our schedule will be adjusted as follows:

October 31 Schedule Picture

If your child will not be participating in these events due to your personal beliefs, please inform your child’s teacher and we will provide an alternative activity in the afternoon.

Students taking part in the parade should be guided in the selection of their costumes and masks so that they are not violent in nature.  As a reminder, weapons of any kind (this includes plastic/fake weapons) are not allowed on school property. We also ask that you ensure that your child’s mask does not impede his/her ability to see, since we will be parading. Finally, for security purposes, we ask that adults refrain from wearing masks to the festivities.

Our festivities will begin at approximately 2:15 PM with the costume parade on the blacktop in the back of the school. We ask that parents gather in the back of the school where you can view the parade from the outskirts of the blacktop.  Areas will be marked for our parents to stand to see the students in their costumes. We welcome your attendance at the parade. The classroom activities/parties will begin at the conclusion of the parade.

Following the parade, room parents and volunteers contacted to assist with parties are invited to sign in in the front office and join the students in their classrooms.  Our students will dismiss at the usual time. Please inform your child’s homeroom teacher if his/her dismissal procedure will vary from his/her usual procedure.

This year, SFES is offering an opportunity for families that need help in providing their child with a Halloween costume to come to SFES  on Monday, October 22nd from 6-8 PM to help their child select a costume.  We have a variety of sizes and styles and would love for those who wish to come and take home a costume for the costume parade on October 31st.  The costume will be your child's to wear on October 31st and then they may kept it forever.

Por favor, venga a Stevens Forest Elementary el lunes 22 de octubre de 2018 entre las 6: 00-8: 00 pm para seleccionar un disfraz para que su hijo use Durante el desfile de disfraces el 31 de octubre. El desfile de disfraces comenzará a las 2:15 pm el 31 de octubre el asfalto en la parte de atrás de la escuela.