Personal Toys/Sports Equipment at School

Fri, 03/08/2019 - 11:55am

This is a friendly reminder to please monitor what your child is bringing to school on a daily basis. We have noticed an increase in toys or personal sports equipment coming in to school.

The school cannot assume responsibility for toys that are misplaced or taken, and it is difficult to console a child when that occurs. In addition, toys are a distraction to the learning. We have recess games/equipment for student use during outdoor and indoor recess.

Please note that this does not include items brought in for “show and tell” or other instructional purposes with teacher and family permission. If you believe that your child needs to have an item at school to help him or her, please contact our School Counselor, Ms. Jennifer Carlson, or our School Psychologist, Ms. AnnMarie Kasuda, to discuss the matter in further detail before sending the item. Thank you for your support.