Stevens Forest Traffic and Safety Reminders about AM and PM Traffic During Busy Arrival and Dismissal Times

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 11:48am

As the weather gets warmer, more students are opting to ride their bikes to school.  With the increased pedestrian traffic, we are sending several reminders about traffic safety on the Stevens Forest campus.  It goes without saying that our buses and cars are carrying our most precious cargo--our kids--so it is each and every driver's responsibility to maintain safety while moving around our students.

Please adhere to the following traffic laws and best practices so that all students and staff are safe during arrival and dismissal times.

  1. Stay off your phone. It’s the law!
  2. Maintain a low rate of speed the entire time---driving down Stevens Forest Road, in the parking lot, and in front of the school when dropping off your children.  We all have places to be and everyone's time is valuable.  If you are worried about being late, get into the parking lot a few minutes earlier.
  3. Approach crosswalks slowly and with caution. We have staff members stepping out into traffic to cross students and families.
  4. Stay in the car loop at all times.  Do not pass the car in front of you unless waved on by a staff member.
  5. Obey staff member directions at all times.  They are trying to keep everyone safe and maintain an efficient process for all.
  6. Be on the constant look out for bikers, walkers, and staff members.
  7. Always use the Stevens Forest Road crosswalk.

Thank you for helping us to maintain safety during busy arrival and dismissal times.